"Purpose" Luxury Crystal Intention Candle


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Immerse Yourself in your Purpose

Handmade by women, Non Toxic, Sustainable, Cruelty free, and Ethical ingredients.

A calming room filling scent of soft spring lilacs & creamy coco de mer, illicit a sense of clarity and relaxation, while the fresh eucalyptus and sparkling spearmint enhance mental awareness and connection to your purpose.

With this handmade, non toxic, Energetically charged Luxury Crystal Intention Candle, you will awaken the power of your true Purpose. Connect to your guides and your Soul purpose angels and fulfill your Divine Destiny.

Use this beautifully scented candle in meditation, and/or to bring a sense of calmness, assuredness, and angelic blessings to your home or office.

Ethically Sourced Charged Stones: Ethical Tanzanite & Charoite


Infused with Emoti™ technology. Scientifically proven to uplift and enhance your mood. Enjoy the uplifting happy feelings you get from your candles in addition to the amazing scent that fills your space.




Emoti™ Coco Bee Dream: A room filling scent of soft spring lilacs & creamy coco de mer, illicit a sense of clarity and calm, while the fresh eucalyptus and sparkling spearmint enhance mental awareness.

This  Emoti™
 fragrance has been especially curated to help promote mood enhancement. Additional mood benefits: relaxing, calming, stress relief and mental clarity.


Top: Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Lemon Verbena
Middle: Bee Balm Blooms, Lilac, Muguet Buds
Base: Coco De Mer, Orris, Cashmere Musk


Non Toxic, Sustainable, and Ethical ingredients. 



  • LONG LASTING 75-80+ hour burn time. Handmade. Scent: Emoti™ Coco Bee Dream
  • Your Purpose is Divine. With this candle you will connect with the essence of a life filled with purpose. You were born for a reason and it is time for you to fully embrace that reason. You are a gift to this world and your light is a beautiful beacon for all to see. The world needs what only you can offer. There is no one like you, and there will never again be anyone like you. It's time to shine your light, for the greater good of all.
  • This candle will be energetically charged just for you (*or a loved one) and the manifestation of your beautiful intentions. You will Feel the power it radiates.Together WE Rise!  *enter details at checkout*
  • Spiritual Meaning Of Charoite:  Charoite is known as the stone of transformation and awakening. Activating your third eye and crown chakras while connecting you to your heart chakra opens up dormant faculties just waiting to be awakened. This stone is known to awaken your gifts and connect you to your purpose.
  • Spiritual Meaning Of Tanzanite Tanzanite is a rare stone and known to awaken higher consciousness and facilitate intuition and perception. A stone that enables deep meditation and communion with the astral realms. Tanzanite will bring you a sense of peace and harmony and enable you to go even deeper in your meditations.  
  • Boost your Purpose power with the *Archangel Michael Necklace. Michael is the Angel Of Soul Purpose and will assist you on your path. (*sold separately; bundle and save Enter code "BUNDLE" at checkout)



Luxury Scented hand-poured crystal intention candle with a sustainable wood wick. Coconut and apricot wax with beautiful scents of Emoti™ Coco Bee Dream. Drift away in scents of soft spring lilacs and coco covered clouds, all while being revitalized by the glee of spearmint. Topped with ethically sourced Natural Charoite, Tanzanite, Lavender and Jasmine.

Recyclable Materials. Hand Made With Love & Intention In The USA.


This emoti™ fragrance has been proven to help promote positive mood enhancement. 


Our Luxury Crystal Intention Candles are: Infused with Essential oils, are Non Mutagenic, Cruelty-free, Vegan, Carcinogen free, Toxin free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free. Sourced from sustainable and renewable sources. 

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