Angel Number 1111 Necklace



Are you ready to Manifest Your Wishes?

Feel the connection to your true Spiritual power and bring unexpected opportunities and fulfilled wishes into your life, while wearing this 1111 Necklace.

Invoke the sacred energy of Angel Number 1111 with this stunning energetically charged necklace. 

Use the power of this number to become a walking sign of Spiritual Awakening for yourself and for others. Angel Number 1111 is a sign that a manifestation gateway has opened and the spiritual awakening process has been initiated. You are the light.


Be the omen for others.

Feel empowered in your Spirituality.

Open a gateway of manifestation for yourself and others.

Energetically charged just for you.


Highest Quality & Ethically Sourced Materials.


 *Chain Included*


  • Spiritual Meaning of 1111: Angel Number 1111 means a spiritual awakening has been initiated. 1111 is information coming straight from the heavens down into your consciousness. It awakens within you deep held memories of your spiritual power, reminding you that you are the conscious creator of your personal reality. With the energy of this number, you are directed on your journey through the alignment with your destiny. This is a reminder that your thoughts are manifesting into form at a rapid rate. You have the power of Spirit on your side. Be the beacon of light for others through wearing this necklace. Wishes come true with 1111.
  • Spiritual Meaning Of Cubic Zirconia:  Yes! Even Cubic Zirconia has a spiritual meaning. This gemstone is full of light energy. It reflects and bounces the light around, increasing the energy of the wearer. This is a gemstone of focus and can help you to stay committed and strong-willed towards your desires and goals. This gemstone improves your intention to live your life according to your own terms and helps you to do away with the opinions of others, making you self-reliant and confident in your own decisions.
  • Pair this Necklace with the *Angel Number 1111 candle for amplified magnetism. (*sold separately; bundle and save Enter code "BUNDLE" at checkout)
  • This piece will be energetically charged just for you (*or a loved one) and the manifestation of your beautiful intentions. You will Feel the power it radiates.Together WE Rise! *enter details at checkout*
  • This piece is an incredibly beautiful necklace as a stacker center piece, or on its own.



  • Gold Option: Vermeil ~an 18th-century French process~ 23.33k Gold with a 14k Gold Toner over Premium 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold 3 microns thick for Beauty & Durability 
  • Sterling Silver Option: Premium 925 Sterling Silver, So Shiny It Looks Like White Gold
  • Highest Quality & Ethically Sourced Materials 
  • Highest Quality Energetically Charged Cubic Zirconia
  • Beautiful Sequin Cable Chain with built-in extender. Adjustable length 14”-16” 

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