Awaken the Goddess within you.

Randina and Kayleigh are a mother daughter duo who are true soulmates and the best of friends. They founded Sacred Visions after receiving psychic visions about what they were to bring to the world next.

Having worked together for years in the spiritual and personal development industries helping people from all over the world, they knew it was time to expand their impact. Being that they both loved the world of manifesting, the Angelic realm, and the Goddesses, they knew they had to bring the vision they had received to life, and so Sacred Visions was born.

Creating sacred intention products is a beautiful blessing and a dream come true. Randina and Kayleigh teach and live by the power of Soul Alignment, intention and manifesting your life into being. They believe in sustainable and ethical production, and giving back to the world, and they bring all of this to you through Sacred Visions products.

They love all things spiritual and have been teaching manifesting and Soul realization for many years. Because of this, it made sense for them to create sacred intention products that are designed to connect you to the infinite source of your Soul, and assist you in creating your best life; and this is exactly what Sacred Visions products do for you. You are never alone and you have benevolent beings just waiting to assist you in the creation and manifestation of your heart's desires.

As the ancient Goddesses knew, Jewelry is a sigil and meant to be felt not just worn. Creating sacred intention products must be done in an eithical and sustainable way, which is why Sacred Visions came to be; to change the game as we know it.

Sacred Visions is a beautiful expression of the Divine Feminine, made with you in mind.

"We hope that you find as much love and value in each and every intention piece as we put into them. Bringing the beauty of your Soul to life with elegance and grace. From our hearts to yours." 

Together we rise!

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