Guardian Angel Necklace



Connect To The Angels

Feel the powerful blessings of being connected to your spirit guides, the Archangels, and loved ones while wearing this Energetically Charged Angel Necklace.

Be the beacon of light that you truly are for others; know that as you wear this piece you are encircled with the Golden White light of Divine Love. 


Your Guardian Angel is the angel who watches over you and guides you to ensure you remain on your intended Soul path. Your loved ones, your angels, your spirit guides all take on the essence of your guardian angels.


*Includes Guardian Angel Manifesting Ritual to connect to your Angels, and/or loved ones, and manifest your greatest desires, together*



Feel The Power Of Angelic Protection.

Be Guided and Protected.

Be The Light Of Hope And Angels For Others.

Experience The Blessings Your Loved Ones Have In Store For You.

Energetically charged just for you.


Highest Quality & Ethically Sourced Materials.

Ethically Sourced Stone: White Moonstone


*Chain Included*


  • The Guardian Angel Necklace unites you with the light of loved ones, angels, and Source. You will feel embraced, supported, protected, blessed, and unconditionally loved. These profound beings are always with you, and wearing this necklace will remind you of such; You will feel them in ways you have never felt before. You will be reminded of their ever-present unconditionally loving energy. Your guardian angel will intervene when necessary and often consists of many angels. May you be guided on your journey, encouraged in knowing that they are right there with you, assisting you,  as you witness your dreams and desires unfold.
  • Spiritual Meaning Of Moonstone:  Moonstone is the stone of the Divine Feminine and represents fertility in whatever one seeks to birth into form. Wealth, Love, Business, Projects, and/or new life; a stone of new beginnings.
  • Use the manifesting process that comes with this necklace and you will instantly feel the power of your union. Enjoy your life and be a blessing to others, while your intentions manifest into your reality. (*A Guardian Angel Manifesting process will be included in your order)
  • Use the *Guardian Angel Luxury Crystal Candle to enhance your intuitive abilities and light up your intentions; add to your Guardian Angel collection. 

    (*sold separately. Bundle and save, use code: BUNDLE)

  • This piece will be energetically charged just for you (*or a loved one) and the manifestation of your beautiful intentions. You will Feel the power it radiates.*enter details at checkout*
  • This piece is an incredibly beautiful necklace as a stacker center piece, or on its own.



  • Gold Option: Vermeil ~an 18th-century French process~ 23.33k Gold with a 14k Gold Toner over Premium 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold 3 microns thick for Beauty & Durability 
  • Sterling Silver Option: Premium 925 Sterling Silver ,  So Shiny It Looks Like White Gold
  • Solid Gold Option:  18K Solid Gold 
  • Highest Quality Ethically Sourced, Energetically Charged Natural Genuine Moonstone
  • Beautiful Box Chain with built-in extender. Adjustable length 18”-20”
  • Highest Quality & Ethically Sourced Materials 

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