The Blessed Herringbone Necklace



Are you ready to feel like a Goddess?

This Blessed Herringbone necklace is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian times when women were rightfully revered as Queens and Goddesses. Bring back your own Goddess Power with the Blessed Herringbone and all the beauty it invokes as you wear it. 

Wearing this  Energetically Charged Blessed Herringbone Necklace, will bring you a sense of elegance and luxury like the Goddess You Truly Are.


Highest Quality & Ethically Sourced Materials.


  • The herringbone is a sophisticated and beautiful design and this blessed piece will accentuate your radiant goddess beauty. Feel the elegance this beautiful necklace brings as it drapes so beautifully across your neck. Turn back the hands of time and Feel like the Goddess you are. Know you are blessed as you put it on each day.
  • Pairs well with the Blessed Herringbone Bracelet (sold separately) 
  • This piece will be energetically charged just for you (*or a loved one) and the manifestation of your beautiful intentions. You will Feel the power it radiates.Together WE Rise!  *enter details at checkout*



  • 23.33k Gold with a 14k Gold Toner over Premium 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold Vermeil - an 18th-century French process
  • 3 microns thick for Beauty & Durability
  • Silver option is Premium 925 Sterling Silver ,  So Shiny It Looks Like White Gold
  • Highest Quality & Ethically Sourced Materials
  • 4.5mm Blessed Herringbone. Adjustable length 14”-16”

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