The Blessed Black Tourmaline Choker


This beautiful black tourmaline choker is the perfect complement to any Sacred Visions necklace stack. It brings your beautiful neckline to life and gorgeously accentuates your natural glow.

Feel the power and beauty of this Natural Gemstone as it activates and cleanses your throat chakra. 


Highest Quality & Ethically Sourced Materials.

Ethically Sourced Stones: Black Tourmaline



  • Spiritual Meaning Of Black Tourmaline:  Black tourmaline is a stone of magic, balance, and grounding. It balances, grounds, and connects you to the earth and deep spiritual truths. It is known that ancient magicians used tourmaline to protect and assist them in their efforts to turn negative energy into positive energy. Wearing this stone at your throat chakra will assist you in powerfully speaking your life into existence, and will help you to express yourself in a positive and balanced way. 
  • This piece will be energetically charged just for you (*or a loved one) and the manifestation of your beautiful intentions. You will Feel the power it radiates.Together WE Rise!  *enter details at checkout*
  • This piece is an incredibly beautiful necklace as a stacker center piece, or on its own.



  • 14k Gold Filled over 925 Sterling Silver
  • Highest Quality Materials 
  • Ethically Sourced Natural Genuine Black Tourmaline
  • Handmade with love by Polly in San Diego, California

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Highest Quality

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