Archangel Haniel Luxury Baby Blanket


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These beautiful Golden Archangel Baby Blankets are hand made in the USA with love. Each blanket is blessed with the energy of the Archangels to be guardians and Divine protectors to the ones who receive them.

These beautiful blankets are intended to be keepsake heirlooms, and the Angelic realm will be present in the lives of all who are blessed to have one. 


Archangel Haniel is the angel of wisdom, grace and joy. She is associated with the moon and intuition. She is like the high priestess that brings you clear insight, and awakens your inherent gifts. 

Wrap your loved one in the wings of angels with this lovely Angel blanket.


100% Organic Cotton & Natural Silk handmade Made In the USA



  • Give the gift of a Divine Blessing. This Archangel Haniel Blanket will bless your loved one with Joy and Divine wisdom. She is the angel that is known as the Joy Of God. She brings joy and wisdom to all and also strengthens ones intuition. Having her as your guardian is a Divine blessing for life.
  • These double pane soft and comfortable blankets will be with your loved one for years to come. The soft edges around the blanket provide comfort and feelings of love. 
  • Our luxury organic baby blankets are hand made from soft 100% certified organic cotton fleece, and are edged with a natural 100% silk charmeuse ruffle. 31"x38".
  • This blanket will be energetically charged just for you or your loved one, and the manifestation of the angels in their lives. Enter Details at checkout.
  • Buy One Give One. With Each Angel Baby Blanket Purchase, An Angel baby blanket will be donated to a child in need; on your behalf. Our intention is to wrap the babies on earth in The love and protection of the angels. We thank you for being a beautiful part in making this happen.



Hand Made in the USA with love using certified organic cotton and 100% natural silk.

Most baby blankets are made with plastics and harmful fibers, causing them to be toxic and vibrate at a low frequency. Our blankets are made with organic and sustainable fabrics ensuring their high vibration, safety, durability, and the comfort of the Divine. In purchasing one of our blankets you are caring for mother earth so our children may have a beautiful place to live now and in the future.

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