Archangel Chamuel "The Angel Of Love" Crystal Intention Candle


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Handmade by women, Non Toxic, Sustainable, Cruelty free, and Ethical ingredients.

Get lost in a cloud of strawberry shortcake and cotton candy skies, while you feel the expansion of love in your heart. This gorgeous candle smells like a candy dream.

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of love, marriage, and relationship harmony. She amplifies the love in connections with self and others, whether that be romantic, business, platonic, or familial relationships.

Light this gorgeously scented candle in meditation, and/or to bring a sense of love, harmony, and angelic blessings to your environment. 

LONG LASTING 75-80+ hour burn time. Handmade.  Strawberry Vanilla Dream.

Sustainable and Ethical ingredients. Non toxic essential oil infused. 


Ethically Sourced Charged Stones: Strawberry Quarts & Rose Quartz




Strawberry Vanilla Dream: Get lost in a cloud of strawberry shortcake and cotton candy skies, while you feel the expansion of love in your heart. Smells like a candy dream.





  • This candle will be energetically charged just for you (or a loved one) and the manifestation of your beautiful intentions. You will Feel the power it radiates.Together WE Rise!
  • Spiritual Meaning of Strawberry Quartz:  A stone that rules the upper chakras and inspires you to seek more meaningful, heart-centered connections, and aligns you with connections who serve your highest and best. Strawberry Quartz stimulates deep happiness within, which in turn fuels self-love and awakens new levels of self-appreciation and adoration. 
  • Spiritual Meaning Of Rose Quartz:  Heart chakra stone that amplifies love of self and others, and the healing of the heart. This stone activates gentleness, kindness, compassion, and calmness. It assists in the act of forgiveness and relieves the heart of grief. It attunes you with your inner feminine, providing balance and opening the heart to allow pure, unconditional love in.
  • Use the manifesting process that comes with the *Archangel Chamuel Necklace and you will instantly feel the power of your union and attract more love into your life. Enjoy your life and be a blessing to others, while your intentions manifest into your reality. (*sold separately. Bundle and save, use code: BUNDLE) 




Luxury Scented hand-poured crystal intention candle with a sustainable wood wick. Coconut and apricot wax scented with Strawberry & Vanilla Dream: A aromatically seductive mixture of sweet strawberry and rhubarb blended with creamy vanilla and spun sugar. Topped with Ethically sourced Natural Strawberry Quartz, Rose Quartz, Heather Flowers, Rose Buds, and Rose Petals. 

Recyclable Materials. Hand Made With Love & Intention In The USA.

Our Crystal Intention Candles are: Infused With Natural Fragrances, are Non Mutagenic, Cruelty-free, Vegan, Carcinogen free, Toxin free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free. Sourced from sustainable and renewable sources.

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