The materials we use to create your beautiful intention products are always of the highest and best quality, most sustainable, and as eco friendly as possible. To us, the care of the Earth and her inhabitants comes first. We use organic, fair trade, and sustainable materials where possible, to ensure our footprint is minimal. We utilize only the highest quality recyclable materials so you know you are always getting the best of the best with us. Our products are meant to give back, to be felt, and to assist you in the creation of your heart's desires, while caring for the earth and her precious resources. 

Our Gold, Silver, & Gems:
Our jewelry uses the highest quality, most sustainable gold, silver, and gems available. Our solid gold pieces are 14k-18k solid gold (for color and durability). Our gold vermeil is a minimum of 3 microns thick, 23.33 kt gold with a 14k gold toner (14k gold is our favorite gold color and does not easily scratch like 18k, and 24k gold does due to its softness), and comes from one of the only certified sustainable, ethical, and fair trade gold suppliers. Our gold fill pieces are *23.33 kt gold with a 14k gold toner (for color and durability)(*unless otherwise noted). Our base metal is 940 sterling silver and comes from sustainable and recycled sterling silver to ensure it is a solid 925 when melted down to create our designs. Our gold vermeil is 3x’s the industry standard to ensure the highest quality, and longest lasting pieces. All metals are the highest quality and we never use any toxic alloys. 

Our jewelry maker purchases our raw material from one of the only company that has an LBMA certificate, and they also recycle our materials with the same company. LBMA ensures that the company also the studio they work with are free of money laundering, have no child labor, and are ethical in their daily operations.

All of our gems are natural genuine gemstones, and are sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers only. We go to great lengths to ensure that no one, and no-thing were harmed in the collecting of our precious stones. It is our top priority to only offer the highest quality, and most sustainable products for you to feel good about purchasing, and thoroughly enjoy wholeheartedly.


Our Candles: are hand poured by women and are Infused with Essential oils, are Non Mutagenic, Cruelty-free, Vegan, Carcinogen free, Toxin free, Paraben-free, and Phthalate-free. They are Sourced from sustainable and renewable sources and are poured in recyclable vessels. We only use ethically sourced natural genuine gemstones and botanicals.


Our Organic Blankets: are made in the USA with love, using certified organic cotton and 100% natural silk.

Most baby blankets are made with plastics and harmful fibers, causing them to be toxic and vibrate at a low frequency. Our blankets are made with organic and sustainable fabrics ensuring their high vibration, safety, durability, and the comfort of the Divine. In purchasing one of our blankets you are caring for mother earth so our children may have a beautiful place to live now and in the future.


All of our designs are designed in house and many of our pieces are handmade by women. We believe in a personal touch and the magic of the Divine Feminine, and we are blessed and honored that we get to share this with you.



We Love The Earth

We stand for and thoroughly believe in fair trade, ethics, fair labor practices, and sustainability. This means the utmost care was taken to produce all of our products ie: no harm done to the earth or her inhabitants in the sourcing and manufacturing of our products. Our studio is dominantly female operated and run, family oriented, and cares for their employees and their jewelry makers. They go above and beyond to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fair; with many breaks, lunches, paid leave, and holidays off. In addition, working with the LBMA ensures that the studio is free of money laundering, has no child labor, and is ethical in their daily operations. All operations are done in house from the start of the design, to the finished product, to ensure our ability to closely watch over production. 

We source recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible, and also recycle materials when needed. We hold our manufacturers to high standards when it comes to sustainably producing our products.

We use only ethically sourced & fair trade gems and stones.

All of our products are manufactured with love, care, and the highest quality materials available. At Sacred Visions we dedicate our lives to bettering the lives of others, including the life of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. It is our mission to give back and spread our Angelic essence throughout the world so we can all feel the presence of the Divine, in all that we are, and all that we do. We vow to leave this world a little better than how we found it. Together We Rise.


Our Ethics

Ethical comes from the Greek ethos meaning "moral character" and describes a person, behavior or organization as right in the moral sense. Meaning truthful, fair, and honest.

Sacred Visions was founded with the intention to give back to the world while providing ethical products to consumers. Not only is our Jewelry the most sacred, powerful, and beautiful jewelry around, it also comes from the most sustainable and ethical origins possible. Our jewelry is the first of its kind, and is the most powerful intention jewelry available. Our intention products are always made with the highest quality, sourced from the most ethical and sustainable suppliers.

We believe in doing the right thing. We believe in unity. We believe in giving and receiving and the law of Karma. We know that what we put out into the world, we will receive back. With this understanding it is of high importance that we are always truthful, fair, and honest in all our practices.

We believe we are all one on the path of enlightenment, and we are here to offer you our hand, as we all find our way back home.

We only work with ethical organizations who are proven to care about their people, their products, and the earth. 

It is our mission to leave this world better than how we found it, and we trust that you too have the same mission.



Sacred Intentions

At Sacred Visions all of our products are sacred in nature. All products are blessed and energetically charged specifically for you and/or the ones you love. Divine Feminine Master healers bless and charge your pieces with your intention and the presence of the Angelic realm. Wearing our jewelry empowers you to accomplish your dreams and live your greatest life. We source sacred materials and incorporate the elements of divinity in each and every piece, so you can feel the power of the Divine at work in your life. 

Purchasing a sacred piece for someone you love is one of the highest acts of loving service. Our jewelry is not only beautifully designed to be worn, it is also designed and intentionally charged to be felt. 


Sacred Giving:

With our Angel Blanket Buy 1 Give 1, you are contributing an “angel baby” blanket to a child in need. These Angel blankets are specifically made with the intention of sending the Angels to be guardians over the children of the world. Feel good about wearing Sacred Visions jewelry as you are changing a life with each purchase. This is a sacred act and one that will transform the lives of many, including your own. With each and every purchase you enact your free will choice to have the Angelic realm bless your life in countless ways. Thank you for your contribution to this world.

With each purchase you are contributing to the Earth and a woman in need; a portion of all proceeds goes to help women and children in need.