Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is of the highest quality and is sacred in nature. We trust that you will care for your jewelry as if it were a special piece of you, to ensure the longest wearability, for it is.

All pieces are made with love and intention on the “Island of the Gods”, and in San Diego, California. Our pieces are made in sacred places and filled with sacred energy just for you.

Although you can get your pieces wet, in order to maintain their lifespan, it is advisable to remove them before bathing, swimming, working out, and cleaning.

Avoid salt water and all chlorine and all other pool related chemicals (as well as cleaning chemicals), as these harsh chemicals will break down any and all natural elements over time.

Be sure and put your lotions, oils, and perfumes on before putting on your jewelry. The less exposure to chemicals they have, the more years you will have to wear them. This also goes for all solid gold pieces, as they will last longer if you care for them properly. Be sure to care for all of your pieces accordingly.

To clean your jewelry:
Use your Sacred Visions soft cleaning cloth to clean your pieces. You will receive a Sacred Visions Cleaning cloth with your purchase. You can also use a natural mild soap with a soft wash cloth.

Storing Your Jewelry: 
We recommend storing your jewelry in a jewelry case where your pieces can be separate from each other to avoid tangling, and/or scratching, and also dust particles. DO NOT STORE YOUR JEWELRY IN THE JEWELRY BOXES THEY COME IN. Be sure and store them in a case or a necklace wall holder.

When traveling it is advised to have each piece in its own soft pouch.

Care for your jewelry, it is a piece of you and you are a gift to this world. You deserve the best.